Paypal - An unknown error occurred. Please try again.

Exemple of Debug log related to this error :


{"name":"INVALID_REQUEST","message":"Request is not well-formed, syntactically incorrect, or violates schema.","debug_id":"72cee11cd0415","details":[{"field":"/payer/address/country_code","value":"","location":"body","issue":"INVALID_STRING_LENGTH","description":"The value of a field is either too short or too long."},{"field":"/payer/address/country_code","value":"","location":"body","issue":"INVALID_PARAMETER_SYNTAX","description":"The value of a field does not conform to the expected format."}],"links":[{"href":"","rel":"information_link","encType":"application/json"},{"href":"","rel":"information_link","encType":"application/json"}]}


According to the 'Request' provided, the 'country_code' field is being sent as an empty field ("country_code":"").

The PayPal API documentation at states that this is a required field.

Please ensure that your clients are entering a mailing address and country so that PayPal can properly verify the request.

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